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3 Day Art Event
At Eastbourne Blind Society, 124 – 142 Longstone Road, Eastbourne BN22 8DA, comprising an exhibition of artwork by members of Eastbourne Blind Society with Tactile Art by invited guest artists.

Art by guest artists: Jean Hoad, Grace Powell, Jane Montague and Jules Fleur will be on display.

Solveigh Goett MA is a textile artist exhibiting nationally and internationally. She is currently working on a practice-based PhD project about textiles and memory at the University of East London supported by the AHRC. She has a special interest in the role of the senses in making and experiencing art and has led the art and craft workshop at Eastbourne Blind Society since November 2006.

If you wish to learn more about Solveigh’s portfolio, please feel free to use the link below.

Solveigh Goett MA
Painting called Sailing



by Karen Homewood

Eastbourne Blind Society Member, Registered Severely Sight Impaired.



Grace Powell - Jean Hoad - Jane Montague - Jules Fleur

Grace Powell

GPainting called Mermaid Mantlerace studied at Brighton Polytechnic, graduating with a 1st Class Honours Degree in Illustration in 1988, followed by an MA in Narrative Illustration and Editorial Design in 1991.

Mermaid Mantle.
This mermaid raiment was inspired by tide-line treasures washed up on the beach.
A mermaid wouldn't need many clothes. Perhaps only a little cape fashioned from netting; from flotsam and jetsam, bejewelled with barnacles, to protect her delicate decolleté.


Jean Hoad

Painting of Chestnut

Jean works with the rich colours, textures and scents of nature to make art that appeals to all our senses.

















Jane MontaguePainting of rabbit running with a woman

"My paintings and other artwork are inspired by the natural world and mythology. I like to explore and highlight different emotions through the use of an unexpected colour range and juxtaposition of unrelated objects."






JClose uo Picture of Bars of a cageules Fleur

"Encompassing discoveries through sound and touch, captivating is the resonance to evoke feeling and memory."




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